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The Catalonian Film Archive (Barcelona)

The Catalonian Film Archive (Barcelona)

Cliente: Government of Catalonia

BGL has set up two projection halls for multiple-format films ranging from classical 16 mm and 35 mm to digital cinema with 2k projection. The difficulty lies in the fact that the cinemas are used for consecutive sessions and thus projection formats are changed between one session and another. Therefore, BGL has installed a control system that reduces projection preparation time and simplifies the projectionist’s complex work.

The sound system is capable of reproducing from the most classic movies to films with 7 audio channels. Sound is channelled through professional mixing desks allowing individual corrections on each audio channel and permitting live adjustments, which are very useful when playing old films with a certain degree of deterioration.

These halls can also be used for conferences, which can benefit from simultaneous presentations in several audiovisual formats. They are also fitted with a modular simultaneous language interpretation system, which allows for the number of interpretation booths to be increased, if need be.
In these halls, the conference audio system is independent from the cinema audio system, but in the event of a technical problem, they can be used interchangeably, thus reducing the operational redundancy at the film archive. All of this results in two very flexible and functional halls.

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